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“Tonight's @reinventingthetattoo #reinventingdrawinggroup #excersise was #FIRE! Literally and figuratively lol! This image was the final exercise and the 4th one I drew and with NO reference. If anyone who isn't a subscriber to the online Reinventing the Tattoo, I believe next week will be a fun one and open to the public so if you've been wanting to draw and learn some cool stuff and not sure about paying for a subscription yet, now is your chance to try it out and see what it's all about. Cheers and thanks for looking!”


Tivon H. Creager

“Here’s a stag beetle I made on procreate along with the #reinventingdrawinggroup ... @guyaitchisonart mediated a seminar focusing on line weight in a drawing. I’d suggest checking them out @reinventingthetattoo if you want to learn how to become a better artist. Be safe and stay healthy thanks 🙏”


Rod Greybill


Guy Aitchison

When Guy Aitchison was 16, his sister Hannah approached him from out of the blue and asked him if he felt like going to get tattooed. Guy had never thought about the subject before, indeed had never seen any tattoo work walking around that had made him think anything about tattooing. But the idea immediately appealed very strongly to him. They made an appointment at a grungy local shop for the following week, during which time Guy played around with drawings for the piece. And he had dreams: Dreams of getting tattooed. Of doing tattoos. Of teaching tattooing... of standing on a stage addressing a tattooed crowd. He knew right away that he had found his calling.

Guy Aitchison


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