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Enjoy 7 webinars. 10+ hours spanning the last 5 years. There are lessons galore to return your investment kindly.

Business Plan, Webinars, Live Critiques, and Q&A

Looking to sharpen your business skills to maximize your talents?

Start with 6 on demand webinars that cover the essentials of building and protecting a business, and then each month we will dive into the different parts of a business plan during a live stream and group exercise. Q&A and critiques allow real time problem diagnosis and recommended courses of action.  Topics covered in upcoming live webinars include: communication, job descriptions, interviewing, onboarding, handbooks, required training, proper use of the environment, accounting, legal considerations, marketing, sales, and ultimately we will end the series with a comprehensive look at recruiting (or finding the right spot). We dissect the business from the perspective of artists, shop owners, managers, and even apprentices.  

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Webinar Library

  • 02

    Why? What's your Mission? How are you gonna do it?

  • 03

    Essentials - Tale of Two Tattooers - Live June 9th 12PM EST

    • Starting Tools - Before you pass go

    • Live Webinar April 29th 8 pm EST - Business Essentials: The tale of two tattooers

    • Tale of two Tattooers Part 2 - June 9th 12 Noon EST

  • 04

    Communication - Aug 4th 11AM Roundtable

    • Org Charts and Job Descriptions

    • Meetings

    • Handbook

    • Interviewing

    • Onboarding

    • Communication Roundtable August 4th 11AM EST

  • 05

    Environment as Teacher - August

    • Before, during, followup, and long after experience

    • Creating and maintaining a space that encourages compounding positive self reinforcing routines

    • Improving your space monthly.

  • 06

    Accounting - September

    • Formulas to Live or Die by

    • Accountant

  • 07

    Lawyer - September

    • Crisis

    • Contracts

  • 08

    Marketing (& Sales) - October - Live from Paradise!

    • Preparation

    • Reputation

    • Search engines vs Social media

    • Compounding Marketing Routines

  • 09

    Recruiting (bringing it all together) - October - Live from Paradise!

    • It's everywhere all the time!