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I look for lines and feelings to transform them into eternal moments, but I don't find the border between lines and words so I draw the stories and tell the drawings my name is Sara and I am a tattoo artist most of the time but I would put my hands wherever I can get them dirty. I was born in a bookshop reading stories and drawing them and so, I would say that I became a serial story designer. in normal daily life I get my mind messed up by passions and when I go to the restaurant I order everything. I would like to be paid to read, all day reading with my nose hidden in the middle of the printed pages. I started traveling as a child while sleeping in the back seat of a fiery red AlfaSud with two hippie parents in charge, and I always continued. my favorite game as a child was being a nomad . at 12 I went to England in the summer to study in colleges and at 16 I left in exchange for the other part of the world, Chile, without instagram, facebook or whatsapp. I love to enter life, not to be a tourist.