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    Live October 5th @ 4PM - 6PM

    • Space Tattoos and Drawing Seminar With Haley Adams

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When you think of outer space do you just think of blackness with little white dots? A lot of people do! I'm here to show you the beauty of outer space and how to show it in a tattoo or drawing. Outer space is filled with nebulas, galaxies, asteroids, planets, intense light sources, and textures. With these hot tips, coming from my 16 years of experience in tattooing, the way you think of outer space in art, tattoos and design will be forever changed! In this seminar, Haley Adams will walk you through outer space techniques in tattooing and art. These techniques will include: Textures you find in space and how to execute them *Manipulating colors, contrast, and light sources *Tattooing space on multiple skin tones and pigments *Finding and designing references Layout *Needles and set up

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